Who We Are

Well, there are a whole bunch of us.

There's Grandma Grace, of course, even though she doesn't have a computer. And there's Amy, who runs the homestead. And Tom who does the heavy lifting. Douglas provides spiritual guidance. Lori, computerless like Grandma, offers lots of warmth, decency and love. Shelby is the most active and the one who changes from day to day. She loves computers. Nellie could care less. Champagne has the hardy back.

We could go on and on: Joe Jr., Joe III, the Naglers, Quinns of the east, Lynns (of both coasts) and even Smiths. But we believe in being brief.

Corporate Information
Okay, Okay. So we have or are involved with corporations. Who isn't? At one time Tom thought he was doing fine, but then Douglas linked up with one of the world's largest. And that might understate things by quite a bit. (Regarding both size and geography.)

Mission Statement
We have a far-reaching, even dramatic, mission statement. Unfortunately (for you) we are not at liberty to discuss it in public at this time.

Vision Statement
Mostly we're Democrats, so there's nothing wrong with a bit of vision. But -- for the moment -- we are not inclined to share our vision-things with strangers. Better luck some other day.

Our Team
Amy likes the Redskins, Shelby seems partial to the 49ers and Chicago Bulls and Tom could care less. If Lori has a favorite, she's been pretty quiet about it. Douglas likes the Saints (or he should). Grandma Grace...well she doesn't like any team!

Customer Testimonials
[This section has been intentionally left blank.]

There are simply too many to list.